Question on the “Walker”

Question for the cornhole players out there.  Many of you know what a “walker” is.  A walker occurs when you run a blind draw tournament (that is you randomly pair players together that signed up), but you have an odd number of players.  So in many cases if you have an odd number then one person is randomly assigned to be the “walker”.  They play solo and walk back and forth and throw all bags in the blind draw tournament.

So the question is, what should the rule be for the walker when it comes to going down and checking out how the bags are laying during the game?  Obviously a team of 2 players can talk and discuss what they should do in certain situations, but the walker clearly doesn’t have anyone to ask.  So what should the rule be?  Can the walker go down as many times as they wish during a game to check out the bags?  Or should they be limited to one time a game (as is typically the rule in a singles tournament)?  Or perhaps there should be some other rule.


What Should the Walker Rule Be?

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You Make the Call

Teams enter a tournament with multiple prizes (no cash prizes).  The team that wins the winners bracket says they do not want the “grand” prize, but would rather have the 2nd place prize.  What should happen if they win the tournament?

What Should Happen?

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I’m sure this probably happens on occasion where the “grand prize” is not desired by the winning team.  Perhaps the 1st place prize is tickets to an upcoming event that they cannot attend or something.  So what should happen?  Personally I think if you are going to run a tournament like this that maybe it’s best to state that the winning team gets to choose their prize, but that could mean that teams finishing say 3rd or lower would have to wait around to see what they get which is a separate issue.  Curious what the players think on this one.


I’m sure all of the cornhole die hards have seen this video by now, but if not, here is a link.

It truly was great to see cornhole on ESPN and Sportscenter.  No matter what you thought of the video it’s great exposure for the game.  Now, do I think that because of it that players will be flooding into ACO tournaments or into the game of cornhole?  No, I don’t think it will have much impact, but just getting noticed is a start.

As for my take on the video, I definitely could have done without the banjo music and the intro comment of “Wow, I used to cover the NFL, now here I was…” covering cornhole.  That’s not a very nice start.  But it is cornhole, so… I guess banjo’s make sense, lol.

However, as always with ESPN the camera work was great.  The slow motion shots were sweet and I loved the Quinn Peterson quote “it’s just as competitive as baseball and basketball in its own little way”.  So true, that’s why we love the game, the competition (and the people).

Unfortunately they only focused on singles, I don’t even think they mentioned doubles or the Queen of Cornhole (showing a shot of the QoC finals to show that women play this game too would have been nice).  Instead they showed Kenny setting a long toss “World Record” which is not even close to the truth.  It was the “ACO World Record” and it was beaten shortly after and then again and again…

It’s also unfortunate that Turfway Park does not make for a great looking venue.  Would have been nice if they had filmed the Casino in MS over the pillars of Turfway.  But it is what it is and let’s face it, the ACO was hoping to raise 10′s of Thousands to get on ESPN3 (that’s internet only for those of you who don’t know) and many people can’t even get ESPN3 as it requires a provider to get there, so this was free press for the game, the ACO and the players, can’t argue with that!

The Blogger (I suddenly want to head to Red Lobster)

Introducing the Players Poll Top 50

I reached out to many of the top players/directors in the game of cornhole to get their feedback on who the Top 50 players are in the sport that we love.

The following shows the results of the poll.  7 people voted.


You Make the Call

New rules question for the players out there.  Here’s the situation, it’s a doubles game and player 1 has made his first 2 bags and so has player 2.  Player 1 throws bag 3 and it hangs in the hole, player 2 misses the board.  Player 1 throws his 4th bag and it also hangs in the hole (now 2 bags hanging).  Player 2 not sure if he should even put the bag on the board in case the bags by the hole fall in finally decides to throw his bag away.  The two players at the other end go to pick up the bags and decide the hole needs swept and when they sweep the hole, both bags that were hanging go in the hole.  Obviously neither player considered sweeping the hole before then.

What Should the Ruling Be?

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ACO World Championships of Cornhole VIII to Include ESPN’s Kenny Mayne and “Wider World of Sports”

Kenny-Mayne-WWOS-logo  Link to Article


Turfway Park Prepares for ACO World Championships of Cornhole to be Held in July

Article about the upcoming ACO World Championships.

Nice Segment on Cornhole and Star City Cornhole

WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

Even 2 Years Later This is Funny

Tournament Format – Best 2/3 Winners, Single Game Losers, What Should Happen When You Reach the Championship?

I’m looking for a general consensus on what should happen when you get down to two teams/players in a double elimination bracket when it was best 2/3 games in the winners bracket and single games in the losers bracket.  What exactly does the team/player coming out of the losers bracket have to do in order to win the tournament?

Personally I always thought (and played) it where the team coming out of the losers bracket had to first win a best 2/3 match (over the winners bracket team) and if they succeeded, then had to win one additional Championship game to win the tournament.  However recently I learned that many other directors do not do it this way, rather they believe it should be the team/player coming out of the losers bracket has to win 3 straight games to win the Championship (no best 2/3).

I’m curious what others think is “technically” the correct way to do it, although personally I often just run it where the team/player coming out of the losers bracket has to win 2 games in a row.  I don’t believe this is technically correct, but it’s done to keep things moving and finish in a reasonable time.  I still believe it should be best 2/3 first, single game second, but feel free to tell me I’m wrong…

Championship Match Should Be

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